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Tips for Using Instructional Videos in a Digital Ad Campaign

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A well-rounded digital ad campaign provides your customers with value, while putting your brand in the forefront of their minds. Instructional videos work well, because your customer base actually seeks these out on their own. This makes them more likely to watch the video and heed the call to action at the end. If you’re new to digital video marketing, these five tips can help get you started. #1: Develop a Plan A single digital video on your website won’t provide much impact, but an ongoing series will eventually draw in page views and customers. Make a plan that you can build upon in the future so your one foray into digital marketing isn’t just a one-off. Anything that you can turn into a series works well. Begin by selecting a video style that provides value for your audience. Instructional videos are usually a big hit with your target demographic. For example, if you sell clothing online or through a boutique, offer fashion how-to videos that utilize some of the key pieces that you sell. Plumbing or repair companies can provide home repair or improvement videos that eventually link back to their services. The trick is providing instruction without negating the viewer’s need to purchase your product or service. #2: Brand It The main concern with digital media is that it can quickly make its way to every corner of the web, but can the viewers find their way back to you? Each frame of your video needs your brand on it. Watermarking a corner of the video with your logo and URL ensures your potential customers can find you, even if only a still of your video is used elsewhere. Develop an intro to introduce your brand, and use branded products throughout the video when possible. Finish the video with a credits screen that clearly states your business name and contact information. #3: Cross Platforms Hosting your digital marketing videos only on your website only works if your site already receives a lot of organic traffic. For most businesses, the best option is to hose the video on multiple platforms. This can include the big ones, like YouTube, along with niche-specific sites that host a variety of instructional videos. Digital ad campaigns, which play snippets of your video instead of displaying a static ad, are another popular way to get your branch noticed by new people. #4: Make It Viral Don’t overlook the power of social media in your digital marketing campaigns. Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are just a few places where you can link your video and experience a dramatic rise in customer traffic. Although there’s no guarantee your videos will go viral, encouraging your followers on these sites to share your video will place it in front of more eyes. #5: Update Often Staying on top of your digital marketing campaign is an integral part of success. Don’t make just a few videos and stop. Instead, update on a regular schedule – whether it’s once a week or once a month doesn’t matter as long as your audience knows when to expect an update. This is especially true if you post your videos on YouTube or similar social video sites. Viewers may skip over your channel if it appears you have gone dormant and are no...

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